Interactive Automation Solutions

We specialize in Automation

Choose the Right Marketing Automation system

Interactive Automation Solutions devises plans to its clients by understanding their business procedure, requirements, and limitations. World class marketing automation system will be customized according to the clients requirements.

Configuration in Workflows

Inimitable practices help businesses to maximize their brand value. Many organizations are moving away from the standard practices and configuring their own workflows. We are specialized in creating personalized workflows to our clients.

Segmentation and Lead Scoring

An accurately configured analytical lead scoring model has the capability to become the most powerful tool to recognize, segment, foster and hand over ready leads to Sales. Work with Interactive Automation Solution to create strong lead scoring models for your business.

Lead Nurturing

Remember, not every inbound/outbound lead is sales-ready. Proper planning and strategic lead development programs always bring good business to your entity. Our legation is always ready to help you out. Talk to us today to stop leaky sales funnel and losing sales.

Reporting and Analytics

Witness the beauty of data-driven marketing with in-depth and intuitive analysis of campaigns so that they improve over time. We will identify the accurate metrics for your business and arrange easy understanding automated reporting and analytics.

Drip Campaigns

At Interactive automation solution, we create engaging Drip marketing campaigns for your subscribers, leads, and customers. This helps you to nurture contacts in the long run and increase sales opportunities in due course.